Botanic Romantic: Website

Illustration, Writing & Editing, Web Development (and more)

Botanic Romantic is an online foraging guide and interdisciplinary art project which celebrates the wonder of seemingly mundane or weedy yet edible plants. It began as a creative placemaking project as part of the Hinge Arts at the Kirkbride program — a community development initiative and artist residency hosted on the grounds of the former Kirkbride State Hospital in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

In addition to the website, the project has included a limited run of 500 letterpress coasters, a pop-up bar serving free foraged beverages, and an “art of weeds” class where storytelling and design thinking exercises were juxtaposed with horticultural education and lore.

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Screenshot of Sweet Cicely Guide Screenshot of Plant Index Screenshot of Stinging Nettle Screenshot of Stinging Nettle Recipe