Paper Darts

Paper Darts is an art and literature focused magazine which pairs uncommon prose with accompanying, commissioned illustrations. The magazine is, and has been, proudly powered by “volunteers and imaginary money” since 2009.

I volunteered my time as a contributing editor and writer for the magazine for two years, between 2013-2015. During that time I also contributed a small amount of design work to accompany some of the more special articles I wrote.

None of the following editorial design work would have been possible without the aid of illustrations from the wonderful folks who contribute to the Noun Project.

This American Lie Design This American Lie
I created this to accompany a feature, “This American Lie,” about a reading series called Pre-Post Humanists Present. The original idea for the reading series was one “that would mostly involve robots. Lots of robots. Enough robots to stand in for every bad literary reading cliche, including ‘goth-emo girl’ and ‘shouty-angry man.’”

Pre-Post Humanists Present Still What eventually evolved was a show (shown above, with co-founder Simon A. Smith and co-host/performer Eleni Pappageorge) in which a mercurial AI verbally abused humans and forced them to commit humiliating acts – such as reading works of fiction outloud to strangers.

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The Freelance Writing Survival Kit Design The Freelance Writing Survival Kit
Editorial design for a service journalism guide to tools for freelance writing, in which I also tried to make jokes pretty much as frequently as possible. Full of ultra-professional-sounding advice, such as this tidbit:

“I’d guess that ‘butt-loads’ is the correct term for how many expenses most freelance writers could write off.”

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